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homemade paellas

(Minimun 2 persons)
Valenciana Paella (meat, vegetables)
Alicante paella< (Rabit/Snails)
mixed paella
Artichoke/baby squid Paella
red shrimp paella
Shellfish Paella
Spiny Lobster Paella
vegetarian Paella
Senyoret paella
Scalop and Prawns Paella
black Paella
Octopus Paella
Boletus Beef bone-in Paella
Fideuà of Seafood
Black fideùa of carabineros
Duck and boletus fideùa


(Minimun 2 persons)
Soupy Rice with Spiny Lobster
Soupy Rice with Red Prwuns
Soupy Rice with ribeiro scallops
Valencian Soupy Rice
Octopus Soupy Rice
Duck and Boletus Soupy Rice

Meat from galicia

(* Extra Duck Fua)
Entrecotte * (Galician Veal)
Old Cow Entrecotte* from Galicia
Sirloin Steak* (Galician Veal)
T-Bone Steak (Galician Veal 650gr)*
Grilled Lamb Chops
Grilled Chicken Breast
Orange Duck Confit
Chicken Escalope
Veal Burger (lettuce tomato, onion cheese, bacon ,fried egg and chips)


Tomahawk (1500gr) old cow
T-bone steak old cow (750gr)
T-bone steak (650gr galician veal)
Sirloin Syeak ( Galician Veal)
Entrecotte ( Galician Veal)


(Ask about our suggestions for fresh wild fish)
Seafood Fish Casserole (zarzuela)
Fresh monkyfish in seafood sauce
Grilled Sole
Meniere Sole
Grilled Sea Bass
Grilled Salmon
Grilled Cuttlefish


Grilled Seafood of the Hause
Oysters (Each)
Grilled Small Scallops
Cooked Vinaroz Prawns (According market)
Grilled prawns (According market)
Grilled Cryfish (According market)
Boiled Quisquilla (100gr)


Grilled Small-Cuttlefish
Tellinas (small clams from Valencia)
Steamed Mussels
Octopus Galician Style
Octopus on the Grill
Octopus Carpaccio
Garlic Prawns
Mixed Fried Fish
Fried Squid Rins Andaluza Style
Grilled Large Squid from the Bay
Fried Baby Squid
Fried Baby Fish
Iberic Ham Croquettes
Plate of Wild Chips
Iberian Ham and Cheese Board
Steamed Galician Cockles
Fry Cheese With Jam/ Paté
"Tortillitas" with Shrimps


Pizza zafiro (tomato, oregano, egg, bacon, onion, mozarella, olives)
Pizza peñón (tomato, oregano, tuna fish, ham, mozarella, olives)
Pizza margarita (tomato ,oregano, mozarella, olives)
Pizza Four Cheeses (tomato, oregano, cheddar, edam blue cheese, mozarella, olives)
Pizza Four Seasons (tomato, oregano, mushrooms, bacon, ham, pepper, mozarella, olives)
Pizza caruso (tomato, oregano, salami, mushrooms, mozarella, olives)
Pizza Ham and Cheesse (tomato, oregano , ham, mozarella, olives)
Pizza diábolo (tomato, oregano, salami, pepperoni, mozarella, olives)
Pizza funghi (tomato, oregano, mushrooms, ham, mozarella, olives.)
Pizza barbecue tomato,oregano,barbecue sauce,onion chicken, mozarella, olives)


Andalusian Cold Soup
Onion Soup
Tomato Soup
Seafood Soup
Espaguetti Bolognesa
Plane Omelette


Zafiro Salad (mixed with goat cheese, ham Tuna,and fresh cheese from Callosa)
Champiñones al ajillo
Tomato Salad (with smoked salmon, Tuna, fresh cheese.)
Toasted bread (tomato and ali-oli ,Price x person)
Melon with Iberic Ham
Cantabrian Anchovis (2 pieces and grated tomato)
Garlic Mushrooms

Some of our chef's suggestions

(Availability according to market)
Wild bluefin tuna
San Pedro's Rooster
wild dentex
wild fresh flounder
first special denia red prawn
honeyed wild scorpion paella
honeyed blue crab paella
live lobster honeyed paella
Galician cockles
Santoña smoked sardines
fresh sardines from the bay
wagyu burger
truffled scrambled eggs with grilled octopus

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